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About F and E Aviation Services El paso Texas

Elissa Huggins began her journey in aviation after marrying Frank. He was a new A&P Mechanic and had one of his customers ask if Frank trusted his work enough to send his wife up in the aircraft. A customer then gave Elissa a ride and that was all it took. She soon began flight lessons and received her private pilot license in 2006. She currently owns and flies a Cessna 152 named “Dolly”.

Frank Huggins has an extensive background in large diesel engines. He worked for his family growing up rebuilding engines for their company. He began studying aviation maintenance in the late 90’s and received his A&P license in 2001. He immediately moved to Las Cruces and got married going to work for an aviation maintenance company in El Paso, Texas. Frank has served as maintenance supervisor and director of maintenance for three companies prior to starting F&E Aviation Maintenance. Frank brings years of not only aviation maintenance experience but also a background in engine rebuild.

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