Questions? We have answers

Do you work on jets?
Currently we are not equipped to work on jet aircraft. We would love to move into this in the future as we expand, but not at this time.

Do you sell aircraft?
We do not sell aircraft. We are not aircraft brokers, however, if you are seeking to purchase an aircraft we would be happy to pass you along to someone who might be able to assist you. Also, we would love to do your pre-buy inspection once an aircraft is found in order to help ensure you get a great aircraft.

Do you do flight training?
We are not a flight school and do not teach flight training. However, we can recommend a few choices for your training in the area and look forward to maintaining your personal aircraft in the future.

How much is an annual inspection?
Annual inspections are quoted to each specific aircraft. Varying types of aircraft require different amounts of time in order to do a thorough inspection depending on the equipment installed in the aircraft. We are happy to give you a quote specific to your aircraft’s needs.

Are you an FAA certified repair station?
We are currently working on getting a repair station certificate from the FAA. It is not required to do annual inspections or most repairs. Should you be concerned or have questions we are very happy to answer any you may have.

Can you do work for Part 141 and 135 Operations?
Yes! We have an approved drug program which is the requirement to work on aircraft for hire under FAR Part 135 and 141. We would be happy to help you.

Do you do avionics?
At this time we can remove, send out for repair, and replace certain instruments in the aircraft. We are not equipped at this time to troubleshoot or bench test or repair instruments.