Inspections and General Maintenance


General Aviation

We perform annual inspections and conformity checks on all general aviation aircraft. We will make sure that all service bulletins and advisory circulars are complied with and that your aircraft is in the best flying shape it can be. We also do airframe and powerplant repairs. Rest assured we will care for your aircraft as we would our own.

Airframe, Engine and Electrical


The following services are included in our ANNUAL or 100 HOUR **inspection flat rates:

  1. Removal/installation of panels and cockpit access
  2. Inspection of aircraft per FAR 43, appendix D requirements and/or manufacturer inspection guide
  3. Visual AD’s (not requiring maintenance to complete them)
  4. Oil change labor
  5. Cleaning plugs labor
  6. Cleaning injector labor
  7. Compression check labor
  8. All filter element replacement labor
  9. Wheel bearing inspection/repack labor
  10. Cleaning fuel bowl(s)/ screens labor
  11. Landing gear retraction/rig check
  12. Service shimmy dampener
  13. AD search (provided there is an adequate previous compliance report)
  14. Checking cable tensions
  15. Testing/Inspecting ELT (annual)
  16. Pre and post inspection run-up for systems check
  17. Battery service and clean
  18. Check magneto timing
  19. Exhaust inspection (pressure-most aircraft)
  20. Brake inspection

*Crankcase oil and filter costs are itemized separately.

**Note that these fees cover inspection services only and that any repairs required to comply with inspection criteria may add to your cost. Airworthiness Directives (AD) which are required for compliance may also incur further cost.



F&E has moderate capability in performing airframe sheet metal and composite repairs for General Aviation fixed wing.

Airworthiness Directives

Execute airworthiness directives that are announced by the FAA or Original Equipment Manufacturer that may require grounding of the aircraft, timely inspections, or specific repairs.

Upgrades & Modifications